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How to choose that perfect Military Ring
If your loved one is soon going to go on a deployment, or if you simply want to give them a gift that will forever celebrate their military service, then, military rings make a perfect gift. These small tokens of love are also suited for those that are retired from the army and want to remember the time they served their country. But, there are many military rings to choose from, so how can you be sure you choose the one that suits your military loved one perfectly? Things you need to consider There are a few things that you need to consider, and the size of the ring is the least important, but, at the same time, you want to make sure you don’t spend your money on 2 or 3 military rings because you were unable to buy a perfect size the first time. It’s easy to find out the size you need. Take one ring that our loved one already wears, and measure the diameter. Then, it’s a simple question of matching that diameter with the military ring you’re ordering. So, let’s move forward, to more important matters! Military rings come in two main forms: one; generic military rings, or customized military rings. Let’s focus on generic military rings. These rings have pretty much all the areas of the ring already covered with generic features. Usually, the stone is either facet or fireflare. Facet means that the stone is shaped like a diamond, having many faces that reflect the light – these are great classy military rings. If you go for fireflare, we would suggest that you go for fireflare with laser vue option, meaning that a particular emblem will be lasered into the stone of the ring. The emblems range from US Military, Navy, Air Force to the US flag. Your loved ones unit or formation All you need to know what formation of the military your loved one served in. If you’re not sure, then go for the US Flag emblem because that’s an extremely popular option with all departments. The sides of the ring when it comes to generic military usually have on them emblems that reflect the particular unit or division your military man served or serves in. Customized military rings When it comes to customized military rings, these have the same stone option – fireflare or facet, but you can also add wordings around the stone. Usually, rings have “Navy”, “Army”, “Marines” or “Air Force” but you can customize it with anything you want. The sides of customized military rings are also customizable, so besides the emblems of the unit or division, you can add the name of your loved one, or the years of service and even icons of deployments. Another thing that is really appreciated when it comes to customized military rings is the inside text. Usually, you can put the name of your loved one, or you can add a personalized message – in the limit of 18 characters with spaces.
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