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How to choose that perfect Military Ring
If your loved one is soon going to go on a deployment, or if you simply want to give them a gift that will forever celebrate their military service, then, military rings make a perfect gift. These small tokens of love are also suited for those that are retired from the army and want to remember the time they served their country. But, there are many military rings to choose from, so how can you be sure you choose the one that suits your military loved one perfectly? Things you need to con...
Military Rings for Every Service
My Father in Law served in the Army from May 0f 1942 to November of 1945 During his time in the service he was an Ammunition Gunner and Cook. He achieved the rank of Corporal His Stations where he served was Philippines, Hawaii, Guam Minuses, Gilbert Island, Leyte, New Guinea, Japan. He participated in 3 major Campaigns Asian-Pacific, Eastern Mandates, and the Philippines liberation. Ribbons Attained: American Theater Ribbon Philippine Liberation Ribbon with 1 bronze star Asiatic P...
4 Easy Steps
You can design you ring in 4 steps 1. choose ring style 2. choose stone color 3. choose 2 side designs 4. choose wording for each side...
Rings Express Pride
Military rings is a great way to express the pride of a soldier and commitment to protecting us at home. Military rings are for all branches, Army, Navy, Marines and air force. The rings come in a wide variety of designs for each branch....
Any Occasion Gift
It has arrived, the special occasion that requires a little more than the card and the pat on the back, saying well done. Yes, you want something special to honor and commemorate a deployment, a retirement, a promotion or just a great display of pride and love for a special person. Well, custom military rings are a very good choice, as you will be able to design and personalize this piece of jewelry with the name of the recipient and also add text, images, dates and inscriptions to capture momen...
When I'm asked, I usually reply to hold the ring in front of you with both hands using your fingers and thumbs. You can clearly read the wording around stone. Your left hand is holding the left side design and your right hand is holding the right side design. Now it's up to you as to which hand you'll be wearing the ring so you can decide which design goes on which side....
The war is over, troops will be returning home. Now is the perfect time to purchase a military ring to represent the history of their service....
Your Beloved Soldier is Coming Home
Your Beloved Soldier is Coming Home. Want a great gift idea? Military Rings are personalized to each soldier. Something that can be worn everyday with deserved pride....
Happy 375th Anniversary National Guard
The military organization we know today as the National Guard came into existence with a direct declaration on December 13, 1636....
The positive aspects a personalized military ring above a generic one particular. By John Q. Ruschmeyer II
No matter if you have been in the military oneself or you want to make a present to a particular person who was in the military, Military rings are a fantastic way of remembering and honoring the a long time of service, and that is why, they are so significantly appreciated. Nonetheless, the query is not regardless of whether you really should acquire a straightforward generic military ring or a personalized one particular.What you really should inquire oneself is what to acquire and this is sin...
© June 2004 Allie Ochs, Relationship Expert, Coach, Speaker and Author of: “Are You Fit To Love?
Your Beloved Soldier Is Coming Home – Now What? Laura anxiously anticipates the return of her husband Dan. What will it be like and what should she do? After all, he is not returning from a successful business trip or golf weekend. He is coming back from war. Should she arrange a romantic just-for-the-two-of-us event or a family reunion? This is the first homecoming experience in their young marriage. It has been over a year since Dan left. Little Maja was born 3 months ago and Dan has yet to...
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